Allotment and chickens

The school allotment is used by all children during the year, as they help to plan, plant, nurture and harvest the various crops we grow. The season starts with strawberries and then throughout the summer and early autumn there are potatoes, raspberries, runner beans, lettuce, courgettes and marrow, tomatoes, spring onions, garlic and so much more. During the summer holidays, parents and children come in to help maintain the allotment and look after the chickens, and of course they get to keep whatever they pick.

Our hens live in their lovely chicken run next to the allotment. Each class takes it in turns to look after the hens, making sure they have enough food and water each day and ensuring their coop and nest boxes are nice and clean. They also get to collect the eggs - sometimes as many as 60 per week! - and they can then decide what to do with them. Some classes cook with them, others take them home and either have them for breakfast or bake with them.