Our values

We follow a Values framework through which children explore the principles and qualities they aspire to as individuals. Children are introduced to (and revisit) our twenty two values over a period of two years, and they are encouraged to consider what each value means to them, their families and friends, and how they see those values being demonstrated in the world around them. We hope that by promoting a reflective approach to personal qualities, children will develop an understanding of the importance of individual behaviour and how it helps to shape the community in which they live and work.

We explore a value each month, with one year group taking the lead through assemblies and displays. The display board just inside the main entrance is devoted to the value of the month, and children's achievements in respect of the values framework are celebrated in assemblies.

Claygate's School Values are:
Understanding Confidence Care & compassion Patience
Trust Peace Respect Thoughtfulness
Responsibility Giving & sharing Co-operation Happiness
Friendship Humility Fairness & equality Love
Freedom Honesty Appreciation Courage
Being healthy &
staying safe
Togetherness &