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Allotment, Orchard and CPS Animals

The CPS allotment is used throughout the year, the children help to plan, plant, nurture and harvest the various crops they choose to grow. For example, the season may begin with strawberries and then throughout the summer and early autumn there are potatoes, raspberries, runner beans, lettuce, courgettes and marrow, tomatoes, spring onions, garlic and so much more. The children enjoy their spoils! Each year, our harvest of Christmas potatoes and our crop of vegetables supplement our Christmas lunch!

As part of our Enrichment Programme, our Brilliant Botanists deep dive into Plant Science. The children consider our wild garden and how it compares with our cultivated allotments. 

The CPS Apple Orchard now includes two Claygate Pearmain Apple trees!  At apple harvest, we harvest the fruit and use them in Science and DT…any spare are enjoyed by our animals! 

Our hens live nearby in their lovely chicken run next to the allotment. Each is named after one of our Houses and wears a coloured ankle bracelet so all children know who is who! Pet prefects ensure all classes enjoy caring for them, making sure they have enough food and water each day and their coop and nest boxes are nice and clean. The children collect the eggs - and can then decide what to do with them. Some classes cook with them, others take them home and either have them for breakfast or bake with them. 

We also have 2 cute guinea pigs called Cookie and Nibbles, who are super fun and great to learn about caring for a pet. Our hamster is called Ginger; super cute and friendly!

“I love looking after our Guinea Pigs; they are so funny. I like to come for a cuddle sometimes.” Y2 child.