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CPS Vision Statement

Together We Grow 

Our vision is to develop high achieving, aspirational, confident and responsible individuals. We will do this by providing a welcoming and happy school community within a safe and supportive learning environment, where all achievements are valued and celebrated. 


To realise this vision, Claygate Primary School will provide an inclusive, safe environment and a rich, inspiring and fluid curriculum which: 

  • Teaches the knowledge and skills that enable the children to be confident, successful learners particularly in reading, writing and mathematics 
  • Teaches children to be creative thinkers: who use reasoning and are imaginative, curious, observant, investigative, co-operative, adventurous and determined 
  • Facilitates opportunities for children to become effective communicators through speaking, listening, writing, debating, negotiating and computing 
  • Teaches the children computing skills so that every child has the ability to safely use technology to learn and adapt in their ever changing world 
  • Teaches children to recognise their own and others’ strengths and consequently take ownership and responsibility for their own learning through becoming resilient, resourceful, reflective and using reciprocity 
  • Teaches children to be emotionally literate through promoting core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, patience and kindness which will enable them to be good citizens who are able to deal with all life’s challenges and make educated choices for their own health, safety and well-being 
  • Promote partnership with the community that respects diversity and encourage children to become active and caring members of the wider community