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Information and Support for Parents & Children

Mindworks Surrey

Mindworks Surrey is the children and young people's emotional wellbeing and mental health service.

The crisis line is for children and young people in mental health crisis. It is available 24/7 on 0800 915 4644.

The neurodevelopmental helpline is for parents of children with autism and ADHD. It is available between 5pm and 11pm on 0300 222 5755.

Please see the Mindworks Surrey - Helpful numbers graphic.

Visit Mindworks Surrey ( for more information on our emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Surrey.

My Family Coach

My Family Coach is a free website powered by Team Teach. They are leading providers of Positive Behaviour Training in schools and Health and Social Care settings. 

With My Family Coach, parents and carers are empowered with the information they need to understand behaviour that challenges. It’s full of helpful support for families. 


Heart Beetz

Surrey Heartlands has launched a new Heart Beetz campaign to help families choose the right NHS service

With all health services remaining busy, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership has launched a new campaign to help people know which service to use if they need treatment or advice. This campaign supports schools to develop a Surrey Healthy Schools approach to health, wellbeing, inclusion and achievement by providing information for parents/carers.

At the centre of the campaign is a new animation, featuring the Heart Beetz, which tells the story of how the band have been battling with illness and various mishaps. Inspired by their own experiences the Heart Beetz have released a track about getting help from the right place if you’re unwell or injured.

When the Heart Beetz drummer Ted’s asthma flared up, he spoke to his GP on a video call and she asked him to come to the surgery so she could take a closer look, he even got an appointment in the evening, after rehearsals.

The animation talks about the role of NHS111 online ( and the NHS111 phone service (calling 111) and how it can join people up with GP, minor injury and A&E services, depending on where people need to be. It also encourages people to think of their High Street pharmacy when they need advice and over-the-counter medicines and only to use A&E for medical emergencies so Emergency Departments can prioritise helping the most critically ill patients.

Check out the Heart Beetz video and see lead vocalist Layla’s guide to NHS services  (


In addition, if you need any help or have any concerns, links to relevant information and support agencies can be found in the documents below: