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Online Safety

Online Safety Day 

After the powerful online safety talk from the Breck Foundation, CPS were inspired to engage the children with an interesting take towards being safe online. We wanted to give them the opportunity to share their views, worries and questions about being online. 

To do this, the teachers of Claygate created an interactive video quiz to help demonstrate the correct choices to make online - there are some Oscar winning performances in there! 

The concept was that a mysterious hacker was frustrated with people not making safe and responsible choices online. Due to the poor choices made by the Claygate teachers, he has locked down the chrome books and it was up to the children to save the day.

After the video, classes discussed the scenarios in more detail, which really helped to deepen their understanding of online safety. The children were encouraged to look at our brand-new online safety books on display, as well as add any concerns about being online, which could then be posted to our 'advice board'. 

Please feel free to watch the video below and have a go yourself!  (We have attached a guide of what's happening in each scenario, just in case you miss it).

Enjoy and stay safe! 




Guide for scenarios:

Miss Cannons - giving away personal information on social media where lots of strangers can see e.g. name, location, phone number. 

Mrs Hoxley - speaking to a stranger and wanting to meet up just because they had a cute profile picture.

Miss Rainbow - putting a video on social media but may have someone in the background who doesn't want to be seen online. Also has a Claygate lanyard on and there is a Claygate Primary school sign behind her which gives away her location. 

Mrs Dobson - too much screen time. Is letting the addiction of a game negatively affect her responsibilities. It isn't healthy to have that much screen time and no movement. 

Mr Godfrey - is being mean to someone online because he knows he won't be found out. We should speak to people online like we would speak to someone on the playground, with respect and kindness. 

Mr Hales - has left his password on the board for everyone to see and has left. Some children may even pick up on that he's left without turning his computer off as well.