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Our Learning

Our children will journey through CPS as kind, inquisitive and courageous citizens of their community. They will have a thirst for knowledge and passion for learning through the fostering of a strong sense of self-belief and their well-being.

Our curriculum is designed to be ambitious for all, preparing children with the skills and knowledge they need to participate and thrive in today’s society. It is based on the expectations of the national curriculum and personalised to our local area and needs.

We have designed our curriculum with the following in mind:

  • How children learn and remember – ensuring at each stage of learning we have ascertained and planned what pupils need to know. Content is clearly sequenced and progresses at an appropriate rate. The ‘remembering more’ approach will be assessed through regular retrieval opportunities throughout our teaching.
  • What our children need to succeed in life – we want our learners to have what they need to make aspirational choices and experience success beyond their time at CPS. This starts with every child being a confident reader and competent mathematician while being exposed to all the richness and beauty of the curriculum subjects.

CPS Curriculum Drivers

Building Resilience

Our children need to become resilient to be able to deal with different challenges across the curriculum and in the wider world. They need to develop the ability to solve problems and ‘have a go’ without giving up.  Developing the skills to work independently and become resourceful will be key to this.

Securing Knowledge

To prepare, equip and empower our children now and throughout their lives, it is important that all children work hard and understand the role knowledge has in learning about the world.  We need children to understand the considerable value of knowledge and apply it to their learning. Through deliberate practice, repetition of key skills and planning for progression, we want children to remember what has been taught and use that to deepen and apply their understanding across the curriculum.

Developing Confident and Respectful Communicators

It is vital that our children develop the skills necessary to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings successfully in a wide range of contexts. Children need to know how to speak and listen with respect in a variety of different situations. They need to read well and widely as this broadens horizons, develops imagination and provides a rich vocabulary through which they build knowledge and understand the world. Writing clearly, competently and where necessary concisely in many different forms is a key skill and it is essential that we maximise opportunities to develop this ability.

Valuing Diversity and Appreciation of the Wider World

Our children, staff and families are a small representation of the wider world. We believe it is important to ensure our children understand that the world we live in is diverse. Our children receive a curriculum that celebrates diversity and provides first-hand experiences. We want our children to recognise and value the things we have in common across a range of different cultural, religious, ethnic and social-economic communities.