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Our Values

Last year, we created our Claygate Values which resonate with the principles and qualities we aspire to. At our school we believe that a varied curriculum encourages emotional as well as academic growth and so we endeavour to make learning innovative and exciting for all our children. Consequently we value, recognise and celebrate both learning achievement and personal qualities.

CPS Values

Safe and healthy







"Pupils love the simplified school values and take them seriously. Pupils enjoy responsibilities, such as looking after the guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens." - OFSTED 2020

"Older pupils are able to explain how the school’s ‘scarrf’ values help prepare them for the future."- OFSTED 2020

"More pupils are taking on additional responsibilities. For example, they are looking after the pets, and they act as ambassadors or members of the ‘sports crew’." - OFSTED 2020