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Our Values

Last year, we created our Claygate Values which resonate with the principles and qualities we aspire to. At our school we believe that a varied curriculum encourages emotional as well as academic growth and so we endeavour to make learning innovative and exciting for all our children. Consequently we value, recognise and celebrate both learning achievement and personal qualities.

CPS Values

Safe and healthy







"Pupils love the simplified school values and take them seriously. Pupils enjoy responsibilities, such as looking after the guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens." - OFSTED 2020

"Older pupils are able to explain how the school’s ‘scarrf’ values help prepare them for the future."- OFSTED 2020

"More pupils are taking on additional responsibilities. For example, they are looking after the pets, and they act as ambassadors or members of the ‘sports crew’." - OFSTED 2020


Jammie Dodgers

Image result for jammie dodger

The jammie dodger biscuit represents this perfectly for us; the biscuit symbolises our learning behaviours, successes and achievements across all aspects of the curriculum whilst the jammie dodger heart represents our values, combining to make a perfect biscuit! We even have a very special jammie dodger assembly! We hope that by promoting a reflective approach to personal qualities, children will develop an understanding of the importance of individual behaviour and how it helps to shape the community in which they live and work.

By fostering an inclusive, caring and effective learning environment our children feel secure, valued and nurtured. We care for our children as unique individuals, taking time to develop their interests, talents and personalities. We want children to enjoy school, feel safe, try hard and achieve success. We have a strong Emotional Literacy Support system where trained staff offer 1:1 and small group support sessions as well as drop ins. Our unique Enrichment Programme provides a wide range of modules which all focus on different aspects of well-being; celebrated and recognised as the Claygate Charter. Equally, skills such as being resilient and reflective are incorporated and fostered in everyday learning challenges.

We aim to build a happy and trusting partnership with parents to ensure that every child achieves their full potential.


"Behaviour in classrooms and around the school is good. This includes in all the different areas where pupils play and socialise at lunchtimes. Children in the early years quickly learn the daily routines and become part of the school family." - OFSTED 2020