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Our Values

We are currently on an exciting journey to review our Claygate Primary School's values. Although we will continue to follow a values framework, the children felt that 22 values were simply too many even to recall.

Through assemblies, personal reflections and School Council lead class discussions, the children have suggested the values which resonate with the principles and qualities they aspire to and have considered what each value means to them, their families and friends. 

We are delighted that our children have had the opportunity to share their thoughts and choices with us and feel that their voice has been heard and their suggestions are important.

Now our values have been chosen and shared, we will explore them in depth collectively and individually throughout the year.

We hope that by promoting a reflective approach to personal qualities, children will develop an understanding of the importance of individual behaviour and how it helps to shape the community in which they live and work.

CPS Values

Safe and healthy