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Residential Trips

Residential trips are a powerful way to immerse our children in a range of different learning environments beyond our school. We feel these trips develop independence and help our children realise their potential. All children gain confidence and their self-esteem rises significantly as they learn to take responsibility for themselves, make decisions and enjoy a little freedom to discover more about their skills and talents and also their limitations. 

They develop life skills, build character and create memories that last a lifetime. Trips facilitate bonding between the children across the cohort and of course with the staff teams supervising them.

At CPS, we offer residential trips in Year 4, 5 and 6. Trips are planned so each has a different learning focus for our children to enjoy.

We want all residential trips to be as inclusive as possible and are aware that parents may be funding more than one residential simultaneously. Residential Trips have therefore been carefully and thoughtfully selected to ensure they are not too far, too expensive or too long in duration, so everyone can participate each year (even if it is only for day visits). All residential trips offered are for 3 days and 2 nights.

Year 4: Marchants Hill

Children begin the year with a two-night trip to Marchants Hill. Possibly their first trip away from home, the focus is on developing their teamwork skills and confidence. There are 45 acres of grounds packed with activities so everything is just a short walk away. In the grounds, there are three giant swings, four zip lines, two low ropes courses, two challenge courses and an archery range. Children will stay in rooms of 4-6 and eat altogether in the dining room.

For more information, please visit: Marchants Hill

Year 5: Hindleap Warren

Building on their first trip away, Year 5 travel a little further afield to Hindleap Warren. Hindleap Warren is set in scenic, 300-acre private woodland. Activities have been selected to extend the low level challenges experienced at Marchants Hill as they take part in a range of outdoor activities designed to build their problem-solving skills and resilience even further through activities such as high ropes, high zip wire and abseiling.

For more information, please visit: Hindleap Warren

Year 6: Thames Young Mariners

For their Year 6 residential, the children spend two nights participating in water-based activities with Thames Young Mariners. The children, now more confident away from home stay in the Teepee Village! The village is pitched around their campfire – the perfect place to end each day as a team; drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows whilst reflecting upon the day's achievements.

Established over 60 years ago, the 25-acre site includes a 10-acre lake, alongside the River Thames, between Richmond and Kingston. Thames Young Mariners is surrounded by 200 acres of public open space, which has been designated as a local nature reserve.

Children will take part in kayaking, open-canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, orienteering and woodland skills.

For more information, please visit: Thames Young Mariners