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School Improvement

Our School Improvement Plan is driven by our vision for the school and our journey to achieving the long term aims in our Strategic Plan. It is informed by our regular monitoring and self-evaluation of our strengths and the areas where we want to improve further. We work closely with parents, governors and the Local Authority to reflect on our journey of improvement. We have also worked closely with both an English advisor and a Mathematics consultant and are part of the Surrey Maths Hub. In addition, we seize opportunities to work with our colleagues across the Ember Learning Trust to complete peer reviews, moderation and shared INSET.

 Below is a summary of our priorities for 2021-22:

Leadership & Management:


To demonstrate accountability of all leaders including governors (SEF, Appraisal, HT reports, SDP, subject link, committee responsibility). 

To ensure the wellbeing of all children and staff is prioritised.

To ensure finances are used effectively to maximise impact (resources committee, SBM to share budget & implications with all staff). 

To ensure the CPS EYFS provision, including Nursery, is effective in implementing the new framework.

Quality of Education:



To ensure support and challenges to enable all children to reach their potential.

To ensure that assessment judgements are accurate and robust and triangulated in all subjects.

To ensure a broad, rigorous, sequenced and coherent curriculum, with particular emphasis on our focus subjects: 

Mathematics, Phonics, Music, Enrichment and MFL (see individual subject action plans).

To ensure that oracy skills and the explicit teaching of vocabulary are interwoven into all aspects of teaching and learning. 

To ensure EYFS, including the new CPS Nursery provision provides appropriate challenge for all children.  



Behaviour & Attitudes:



To nurture aspiration, inspire love for life-long learning and prepare children for the changing society by focusing on the British Values (alongside and linked to the CPS Values).

To empower and develop pupil voice and leadership opportunities.

To foster a positive attitude towards learning in school and in our wider community.


Personal Development:



To ensure children understand and appreciate the role and importance of emotions, health and well-being and independence. 

To develop emotional self-regulation and resilience in children. 




To ensure the CPS early help offer identifies and supports vulnerable families.

To raise staff awareness of the importance of meticulous record keeping in identifying wider safeguarding/behaviour issues (extending use of CPOMS to all staff).

To raise our childrens' awareness of the wide range of support mechanisms available through CPS and beyond.

  • To continue our curriculum review and address areas of development already identified
  • To develop and embed our Maths Mastery work across the school
  • To develop a cohesive and consistent whole school approach to behaviour, based on the principle that all behaviour is communication.
  • To continue to develop our practice in reading
  • To ensure our budget is balanced by the end of the year, and further savings and opportunities for income generation are identified

Other projects the school will be devoted to include:

  • Become familiar with the new Ofsted framework
  • Continue and develop Workload group and focus on SMT/SLT workload
  • ELT Peer Review Project
  • Prepare for new Relationships policy