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Terrific Textilers

During this part of the CPS Enrichment programme, children will learn how to create a range of items using materials and sewing, exploring the textiles element of the National Curriculum for DT. They will design and create products for everyday use, considering their purpose and how this influences their design. They will be taught increasingly complex sewing techniques and encouraged to make their own design choices. At the end of each unit, they will evaluate their finished product, reflecting on which elements were successful and any changes they would make in the future.


In Key Stage 1, children will work to develop their technical skills of cutting, glueing, stapling and pinning. They will use a running stitch to join pieces of fabric together. Children will use a range of materials and consider how to design, make and evaluate their products. 

In Key Stage 2, children will be introduced to two new skills to add to their repertoire: cross stitch and appliqué. They will explore a variety of fastenings. They begin to have more freedom in the choices they can make for their design; selecting the most appropriate one for their design.